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The Ambassador discusses Libyan sovereignty with Libyan leaders
August 8, 2020


On August 7, Ambassador Norland spoke by telephone with Prime Minister al-Sarraj to receive an update on efforts to finalize a Libyan solution that would consolidate a lasting ceasefire, promote transparency in economic institutions, and advance the political process under UN auspices.  The Ambassador commended the Prime Minister’s leadership as responsible Libyan parties come together in defense of Libya’s sovereignty to implement a demilitarized solution in central Libya and enable the National Oil Corporation to resume its vital work on behalf of all Libyans.  Ambassador Norland also consulted by telephone on August 8 with Interior Minister Bashagha about efforts to build confidence among parties leading to a comprehensive Libyan solution for Sirte and al-Jufra.  The Embassy will remain actively involved with all Libyan parties, including the Government of National Accord and the House of Representatives, that reject foreign interference and seek to come together in peaceful dialogue.