The 10th U.S.-Libya Economic Dialogue

The 10th U.S.-Libya Economic Dialogue

Today marks the conclusion of the 10th U.S.-Libya Economic Dialogue; a process that remains a pillar of our diplomatic engagement with Libya.  Our meeting today demonstrates the United States’ commitment to engaging with all Libyan parties to help advance economic reforms aimed at addressing challenges as well as the underlying causes of the conflict. Our discussions reflect a move towards a common vision among Libyans on the need for greater transparency in public financial management, subsidy reform, and continued investment in the energy sector.  Libya’s wealth and resources should be managed for the benefit of all Libyans. 

During the dialogue, participants exchanged information on the state of Libya’s resources and sovereign economic institutions. Technical experts from the U.S. Departments of State, Energy and Treasury, and the National Security Council, discussed with their Libyan counterparts best practices to enhance the Libyan public’s confidence in the transparency and sound governance of Libya’s economic institutions.  International companies interested in investing in Libya discussed innovative approaches for overcoming the challenges impeding Libya’s economic growth.  We are encouraged to see our Libyan partners focused on finding solutions.  

The United States expresses appreciation to the Libyan participants, including all of the Libyan institutions supporting the National Oil Corporation, for engaging in technical discussions. Further, the United States is grateful to members of the diplomatic community and international organizations who joined in the dialogue.

The broad participation over the past two days reaffirms progress is possible, and with international support and efforts led by UN Special Representative Dr. Ghassan Salamé, Libyans can chart a path that provides security and prosperity for all Libyans.

U.S. Embassy Libya
Tunis – December 16, 2019