Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Libya Richard B. Norland

The arrival of a new U.S. Ambassador to Libya signals a desire by Washington to intensify diplomatic engagement with all parties to the conflict.  Our goal is clear: end the fighting and support UN efforts led by UN SRSG Ghassan Salamé to achieve a negotiated political solution to the crisis in Libya.  

The U.S. was encouraged by the Eid truce, which demonstrated the need for a comprehensive ceasefire and the redoubling of efforts to re-launch a political process.  We believe all Libyans deserve to live in peace and benefit from the country’s wealth.  The U.S. calls on all external parties to join this effort.  

As Ambassador, I commit myself to work towards an early end to this conflict.  I am eager to meet with a wide cross-section of Libyans as soon as possible and look forward to the day when security conditions permit us to return to Libya. 

August 15, 2019