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Request For Quote
May 25, 2023

Request For Quote PR11705952– Video Production and Photography Services

Offers due date: 09 AM Tunis time, 10 AM Tripoli time, on June 20, 2023.



The U.S. Embassy to Libya in Tunis, is seeking the requirement of Video Production and Photography Services, as per the attached Scope of Work.

Your Vat free quotation must be submitted either in Electronic copy or in Hardcopy.

  • Electronic copies of Technical and financial bids must be submitted via email to HUDSONAW@STATE.GOV and titled as follows:

RFQ# (PR11705952), Video Production and Photography Services

Att: GSO Contracting Officer

  • Hardcopies of Technical and financial bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Quotation Enclosed” to the following address:

American Embassy Tunis, Ref: RFQ PR11705952– GSO Contracting Officer

Les Berges du Lac 1053

No proposal will be considered after the due date.

The Embassy encourages you to make your quote competitive. The RFQ does not commit the American Embassy to make any award.

The U.S. Government intends to award the Purchase Order to the technically qualified, lowest price quotes.

Payment procedure: Payment will be made according to the prompt payment act, 30 days after receipt of a correct invoice. No advance payment will be made.

Please be aware that if you will be determined to be awarded this contract, you would need to be registered in the “SAM” as per below. In order to gain time, in the award process, please start get yourself in the registration process.

SAM Registration:

The U.S. Department of State has implemented a new contracting requirement which consists of having the foreign contractors register into a system called SAM. Please go through the PDF tutorial and use below link to subscribe:


DUNS Number Info:

Dun and Bradstreet Global Customer Service Centers at: www.dnb.com/customer-service/global-customer-service-centers.html

DUNS Number Guide at: www.dnb.com/content/dam/english/dnb-data-insight/duns-number/duns_number_guide.pdf

How to Get a DUNS / D&B Number for Free at: Link

NDAA Compliance:

As a new requirement, you will need also to confirm if your company is NDAA compliant or not.

Please read below FAR clause and advise (You can print the first document, sign it and send it back if interested).