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Libyan Alumni of U.S. Exchange Programs
January 1, 2020

Alumni US - Libya people raising hands

The Libyan Alumni community of U.S. Exchange Programs counts more than 2,000 members who have participated in various programs launched by the embassy targeting Libyans from different age groups all over Libya.

We are seeking to maintain an ongoing relationship with our Alumni community to engage them in projects and initiatives that could benefit them on a personal level, also contribute in developing their communities and their country.

If you are interested in getting in contact with us and with your peers, join our Facebook group Libya – U.S. Alumni Network and make sure to answer our questions before submitting a request.

International exchange alumni thumbnailThe group will give you an overview of the activities launched by our Alumni network in Libya, scholarship and fellowship opportunities, updates about the Embassy’s activities with its Alumni network, as well as a participation in virtual and offline events.

We also invite you to join the International Exchange Alumni Community, a website for current and emerging leaders who have participated in U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs.

Send us an email to this address: LibyaUSAAlumni@state.gov.