FAQs: Fulbright Foreign Student Exchange program

Q1. The application says to check with the Fulbright commission office before applying. Who do I contact?
Thank you for the message. Please go ahead and fill out the application through the link: iie.embark.com/apply/ffsp

Q2. What is the list of required documents?
Here is the list of required documents:

Q3. What are the eligible fields of study? /is _______ eligible as a major?
All fields of study are eligible except for clinical medicine, nursing and dentistry. Public health and nursing administration is eligible.

Q4. What is the mailing address of the US embassy/Fulbright commission so that I can send you my documents? / How do I submit my documents?
There are explicit sections to upload materials online. There is the “essays” section to upload the study objective and personal statement essays. There is another section called “transcripts and documents” – students can upload unofficial transcripts, test score reports, and a writing sample; this section also has 3 additional slots to upload miscellaneous documents too. The other relevant tab is the “recommenders” section where students input recommender data/email info so that the recommender can receive an email to confidentially submit a letter through the Embark system.

Q5. How can I apply?
On this link: iie.embark.com/apply/ffsp

Q6. I tried to fill out the application but it says that the application cycle is closed.
Please use this link to apply https://iie.embark.com/apply/ffsp noting that the deadline is May 31st, 2018.

Q7. Does the program support spouses//children?
It is allowable as the spouse would get a J2 visa (meaning that they are a dependent), but all the associated financial expenses from living and travel expenses to medical insurance will have to be covered by the participant.

Q8.  Is the applicant free to choose any university or is their specific list of institutions and preferred majors?
After holding an orientation session, nominees will fill out a nominee suggestion form of university options they’d like us to consider for their Fulbright program, but in general, each nominee is eligible to apply to four institutions. They must be geographically diverse, different types of schools and must be reasonable in terms of cost. All of this will be discussed in length once the student is actually nominated for the program.

Q9. I would like to apply for the program, but I have a high diploma in _____.
Thank you for the message. Unfortunately, one of the requirements to apply for the program is to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

Q10. At this stage of the process, is it necessary to submit an English language proficiency test?
No, there is no need to submit a language proficiency test at this point

Q11. If I am selected, can I bring a family member such as my mother or father or my sister or brother to accompany me?
While the Fulbright Foreign Student Program supports grantees (J1 visa holders) to bring their dependents (spouse: husband/wife or children), note that any other family member would not be considered a dependent, and hence, cannot be supported on a J2 visa.

Q12. Will the program cover the financial expenses for my dependents?
No. The program only sponsors the dependent’s visa application, but none of the financial fees associated with them accompanying the grantee for the duration of the program, and they need to provide proof when applying for the visa that they can cover the expenses (living expenses, insurance, travel…etc.).