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September 29, 2023

Ensuring Libya’s Resources go to Flood Recovery and Reconstruction



Special Envoy Ambassador Norland: “Libyans affected by the flood are struggling to rebuild their lives even as they cope with unimaginable personal loss. As focus on reconstruction increases, Libyans need to be assured public funds are used transparently, accountably, and that assistance goes to those in need. The international community is preparing to assist in this effort with financial and technical expertise. First, the Libyans must establish the structures that bring authorities from across the country together to agree on priority expenditures and ensure funds are efficiently and properly allocated. We urge Libyan authorities now to form such unified structures – rather than launching separate efforts – that represent the Libyan people without delay. A proposal to hold a reconstruction conference in Benghazi on October 10 would be much more effective if it were conducted jointly and inclusively in coordination with institutions that manage resources and funding taking into account the best interests of the Libyan people. Such coordination is essential to ensure flood victims receive the support they need. The United States will continue to work with Libyan officials across the country and with the UN to support a reconstruction program that Libyans will have confidence in.”