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Serves as a Maintenance Mechanic in the Regional Affairs Office. Responsible for the daily operation of vehicle (to include maritime) maintenance and automotive service scheduling.  Provides quality control for major maintenance on vehicles and performing basic on-site maintenance on vehicles. Performs major and minor overhaul and repair work to engines, transmissions, brake systems, springs, shocks absorbers, steering mechanisms, electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems, wheel assemblies, and other vehicles components. Disassembles equipment and adjusts, repairs, or replace defective parts or components to correct malfunctioning engines, brakes or components. Uses all typical tools and equipment of the trade, including testing and analysis equipment and other diagnostic equipment to determine proper functioning of automotive electrical circuits. Performs all facets of preventive maintenance operations on USG owned vehicles on a weekly basis to include oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, suspension overhauls, and brake checks. Perform periodic checks to ensure drivers are conducting pre-departure vehicle inspections. Test drive USG owned vehicles to diagnose problems, identify need for and perform minor overhauling and repair work. Inspects vehicle components and advises ORA Supervisor if further repairs or replacement of parts are required. Analyzes fuel usage and vehicle maintenance data, and develop vehicle rotation plans to enhance efficient fleet utilization. Perform unscheduled maintenance due to sudden vehicle breakdown or failure, system checks (electrical, fuel, brakes etc.) to ensure vehicles are road worthy. Transport materials between sites using government owned vehicles – food and fuel reimbursements will be made with a valid receipt.
Announcement Number:
Hiring Agency:
Embassy Tunis
Position Title:
Automotive Mechanic (Tripoli based position)
Open Period:
06/09/2021 – 06/23/2021Format MM/DD/YYYY
Vacancy Time Zone:
LE – 1020 5
LYD ل.د21,620 – LYD ل.د33,511
Work Schedule:
Full-time – 40 Hours Per Week Schedule
Promotion Potential:
Duty Location(s):
Tunis, TS
Telework Eligible:
For More Info:
 HR Section

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