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Ambassador Norland’s call with Foreign Minister Siala
June 16, 2020


U.S. Ambassador Richard Norland spoke today with Foreign Minister Mohammed Taher Siala to reiterate horror at alleged human rights abuses that have been perpetrated with impunity by parties to the Libya conflict. Ambassador Norland conveyed his deep concern at the mass graves discovered in Tarhouna, at the use of mines and  booby-traps in civilian neighborhoods in southern Tripoli, and at the recent massacre of 30 migrants in Mizda.  These reported abuses, as well as the alleged mistreatment of Egyptians in Tarhouna, shock the conscience and require immediate and thorough investigation.  In this spirit, Ambassador Norland welcomed the Government of National Accord’s call for the creation of an international fact-finding mission to document violations in Libya and identify perpetrators on all sides of the conflict. Such a mission will help deter future violators while providing a measure of redress to victims.