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Ambassador Norland focused on elections during today’s visit to Tripoli
November 17, 2021


Today, in the wake of the Paris Conference for Libya, U.S. Special Envoy and Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland visited Tripoli to focus on the approaching elections set for December 24. The presidential elections will be the first in Libya’s history. The Ambassador met Presidential Council member Moussa al-Kouni to review Libyan governmental efforts in support of presidential and parliamentary elections. In another meeting, the Ambassador discussed HNEC’s technical efforts to register candidates and assure a fair and accurate count of votes with HNEC chair Dr. Imad al-Sayeh.

Speaking about the visit, Ambassador Norland said, “The United States stands on the side of the majority of Libyans who want elections and want their chance to cast a vote for their country’s future. We are working with the international community and Libyan partners to support this process for free and fair elections with broad participation by voters. Today, I was also fortunate to meet a few of the presidential candidates in Tripoli. We do not favor any candidate. Today represents the start of a process in which voters can learn accurate information about candidates and issues in order to make a well-informed choice. Along with other international partners who joined us today, we hope to meet other candidates and to facilitate efforts that help voters make informed choices in the best interests of their country.”

Representatives from the United Nations Special Mission in Libya, and the embassies of France, Italy, and the United Kingdom also met several presidential candidates along with Ambassador Norland.